• Ready-to-Use

  • Holds Charge 5 Years

  • Charge Any Phone Immediatly

  • UL Certified

One-Time Use Phone Charger

You can't put a price on quality

All of our Instant Power Products are

UL certified for safety. 


Compatible with iPhone XS, XR, XS Max & Apple Watch Series 4






"2 hours is a meaningful amount of power" - Apple COO Phil Schiller

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Apple Watch Series 4.png

1. Plug in​   2. Switch on   3. Power up 

No Outlet? No Problem!

Instant Power is the Remedy to Charging Your Phone No Matter Where You Are.

Instant Power is RECYCLABLE Not Rechargeable

When Instant Power has transferred all of its power into your smartphone, simply dispose of it in any battery recycling bin.

When All Else Fails

Keep                             in Your Home or Car for Emergency Situations

  • USB Flashlight Adaptor

  • USB LED Glowstick Adaptor

"This is a war – a war against nature," Tom Richtsmeier, GM Electrical Utility

Never get caught without a cable!

  • Fits in your pocket

  • Doesn't tangle or knot

  • Tough & Flexible

3.5" Mini Travel Cables

  • Micro USB-to-USB

  • Lightning-to-USB

User Reviews

"We spent hours preparing for Hurricane Matthew in South Florida a few weeks ago. We were very lucky to be spared from the worst of this storm. Part of the preparations included taking steps to ensure cell phone operations in the event of a power outage. I was glad to have these batteries available to keep our phones charged up if we lost power. The compact size makes them very handy for the glove box in your car or your pocket. My wife and I each keep one in the car." - 5 Stars (Homedepot.com)

" Just in time for the big snowstorm we just had. I purchase this few weeks ago and been saving for this kind of storm. My house power was out for over a day and the first time I used it and OMG, it's really work very very well. I have an IPhone 6 Plus and charge my IPhone 6 plus instantly from 6%, charged over 60% with in about 2 hour plus. I can not be any happier. This product is by far surprise and it work excellent. So far I have not found anything that claim as it's describe it. To bad they not in store yet but I sure will order more and keep them for all emergency use. I love it!!! " - 5 Stars (Amazon.com)