Power in 1-2-3

Instant Power is Designed to be GRAB & GO! (One-Time-Use, Not Rechargeable)

Grab An Instant Power

Flip The ON/OFF Switch

Connect Your Device

This chart shows a list of expected Instant Power charging data.

*The numbers on this chart are for reference only and are not guaranteed. These numbers are effected by phone use, Instant Power use, Phone battery health and other factors. 


Why does my Instant Power not charge to the advertised percentage?


First check to see how many applications your phone is running while you charge with Instant Power. The more applications you have running will result in a lesser efficiency of charging. Our efficiency chart only shows charging for iPhone devices, but Instant Power can charge most smartphones. The larger the device, the more power it takes to charge, decrasing the efficency of the battery. If you have checked all of these aspects and your Instant Power is still not performing as advertised please contact us via our "Contact" tab.

How do I know when my Instant Power's 5 year life is up?

Towards the bottom of your Instant Power battery it will have a "Best Used Before Year 2xxx".

This date will be the 5 year mark to such time your instant power will work as advertised.


What is the capacity of my Instant Power battery?

We currently use a 1,400 mAh battery in our Instant Power battery packs. The battery in your iPhone 6 is a 1,810 mAh battery for comparison.

 My Instant Power will not charge my phone but the power light still glows red?

Instant Power has more uses than charging smartphones. It can also supply power to our Instant Power accessories seen in the online store. These accessories take less power to run than a smartphone. So even though your Instant Power no loner has enough juice to charge your smartphone, It can still power a small flashlight or LED beacon. 

5 Year Ready-For-Use Shelf Life
100% Fully Charged
No Pre-Charging
On/Off Switch Keeps Power Locked
Battery Is Able To Be
UL Certified To Be Safe For Use